Hey! I'm Carter and I want to make great content for you. 

I'm a creative leader, an open-minded collaborator, an idea person, a passionate maker and a problem-solver, with a dash of mad scientist thrown in.

I've worked in advertising a long time, and I still get insanely excited about bringing great ideas to life. As a director, I infuse that enthusiasm into my teams by fostering everyone's unique talents and ensuring they all feel a sense of ownership in the project, while I calmly guide the ship with kindness.

In my nearly 25 years in the industry, I've written dozens of TV commercials (including multiple Super Bowl spots for Bud Light), directed award-winning content for AT&T, created integrated campaigns for national brands like DIRECTV and run my own production company.

I've also dedicated a large part of my career to learning about cultures other than my own so I can use my privilege to help elevate their stories and voices.

Over the years, my work has been recognized by the Cannes Advertising Festival, AdAge and the American Advertising Awards.

I'm a kind, passionate and hard-working director, creative director, copywriter and creative producer available for freelance or full-time work with the right people, causes or companies.